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All my life I dreamed of building a house with a sauna. The house was built, there was a sauna. I thought about doing it myself, but the number of subtleties and details in its construction convinced me and I trusted the Finstandard company. The main criterion was quality, and I never skimp on it. We chose thermo-aspen and abash, Harvia electric heater and controller, led lighting and glass for doors. The project was planned in advance, approved, and within 2 weeks the sauna was ready! The quality is beyond praise! We invested in the budget, and most importantly, we managed to do it before the new year, at the very peak of loading, for which special thanks. Artem personally came to supervise the installation assembly process, supervised the connection, immediately responded to all my comments and wishes, which resulted in an excellent result. 3 months have passed and the sauna looks like it was made yesterday, and we use it at least 2 times a week. Friends and guests are wildly delighted, they have never seen such saunas before. Recommended!

Vladislav. Kozin

Thank you for your professional work! The order was completed with high quality and even ahead of schedule, which caused a pleasant surprise, since this is extremely rare in construction. During the work with the team there were no comments, the work was done carefully. Special thanks for the help and detailed advice in choosing a sauna. I recommend this company to all those who want to get a quality result and a professional approach to work.

Irina. from. Gorbovichi, Kyiv region

Submitted an application to several companies. #Finnstandart was the first, and quickly, got in touch (some never got in touch, and those who got out were still not interested in anything). Everyone agreed and after a short amount of time the sauna was ready. Well done, creativity. All my wishes were realized, and during the implementation they offered such solutions that only made the sauna better and, not least, reduced the cost of its construction. Thank you and more orders. I hope I will not be disappointed during the further operation of the sauna.

Alexander. Ukrainka, Kyiv region

I implemented a sauna project in my house at the beginning of 2019. Excellent work: high quality of both work and materials, exact observance of deadlines. I have been using the sauna for 4 months now, everything works great. Guys, thank you so much!

Sergey. Kyiv

The guys work quickly and accurately. I ordered, paid an advance payment, arrived, delivered materials, an installer arrived, installed everything in three days.
Thank you.

Mikhail. Boyarka, Kyiv region

Definitely recommend! That rare case when people are pleasant, tactful, decent and professionals in their field: they advised competently, calculated everything quickly, prompted where it was necessary. Installed quickly and efficiently. We use the sauna often and for many years everything has been working, no complaints. We only remember words of gratitude! You guys are really cool!

Margarita, p. Knyazhichi, Boryspil district.

I really appreciate a high level of accountability. This is the key to successful cooperation, productive and pleasant relationships. Finnstandart was found online, as were several other country house sauna candidates that were shortlisted. I received the most comprehensive and complete advice and a concise offer that suited me for the price. The company promised to complete everything on time - 3 weeks, despite the fact that it was December and I wanted to start the sauna by the new year. The promise was kept. There was a small problem with the functionality of the remote - it was quickly resolved on the first request. After almost a year and a half of operation, I can confidently recommend Finnstandart as an expert in building turnkey saunas. Thank you for a good product, service and customer focus.

Eugene. from. Roslavichi, Kyiv region

We ordered a sauna for our apartment in Odessa, the price and conditions are better than those of local companies. From the very beginning of communication, everything was very pleasant. From design development to on-site installation. The guys are very attentive, accurate and responsible. Anyone who wants to have a cool sauna at a good price and not worry about the end result - I recommend this company.

Denis. Odessa

I found Finnstandart on the Internet. And, to be honest, I was pleasantly surprised. After the first phone call, everything happened very quickly. Literally in a day, we agreed on the sauna project, the next day, the company's representatives were already at the facility ... A week later, the sauna was ready. Fully! And then the most amazing thing happened. We wanted to change something. Well, make it narrower here, and wider there, remove it from here, add it there. If you've come across our builders, then you'll know how much they love such whims of customers, especially when all the money has already been received. Everything was wrong here! We were carefully listened to, argued, worked out the best option together and… the next (!) day everything was done. As a result, we have exactly the sauna we wanted, at reasonable prices, with excellent quality and very, very quickly.
If you have not yet decided where to go for a sauna - the final touch to the Finnstandart style of work. Together with the Head we look at the finished work. In general, we are satisfied, we discuss all sorts of little things. Here Artyom pauses for a second and says: - No, I will replace this bar, it is completely out of the general tone ... And I replaced it! Free!

Sergey. from. Kozin, Kyiv region

Leaving a review after a year of use. Everything is working properly. Everything was calculated correctly. They did it well and on time. Recommended.

Eugene, Kyiv

I contacted Finnstadsrt on a risk, I just found contacts on the Internet, because the company I had agreed with earlier disappeared suddenly on the last day before installation and no one answered the calls.
I won't be verbose. I will say one thing that when you turn to Finnstadart specialists, you will understand that you can safely entrust them with the project of your bath or sauna! /p>

Victoria. Bucha, Kyiv region

Very satisfied! Found by ad on OLX. Received a COMPETENT consultation (already had something to compare with)!!! Good prices, no extra charges. Qualitatively. On time. No garbage (installed in a renovated apartment). I can safely recommend!

Lyudmila. Brovary, Kyiv region

I want to give credit to the Finnstandart company for the speed and quality of the viconna work! They called back, unhingedly clarified all the nuances and the use of the sauna, gave the front door key, so they knew the best option with all the details. When visiting the object, it was discussed additionally, a dekilka of the moment of ventilation and replacement of doors. They gave letters of signing the agreement, in which it was clearly indicated: the lines for the delivery of the material and the terms of the contract work. The workers are young, they know their work clearly, they finished a day earlier, which was indicated in the contract.
Definitely recommended to all friends and know👍

Viktor and Oksana, p. Ploske, Brovarsky district.

Good work. Mounted quickly, in one day, the preparatory work was also done quickly. We were satisfied. Recommended.

Vladimir and Irina. Osokorky, Kyiv region

Great job from start to finish. We agreed on the design and drawing, manufactured and assembled it efficiently and on time. Good price.

Max. Kyiv

I liked the quality and speed of work. The sauna was designed in an individual project in an apartment in a limited space, all wishes were taken into account. I thought that it would not work to organize a sauna in a bathroom of 5 sq. m, but that was not the case. I have been enjoying the warmth of my own sauna for 2 years now. Everyone who saw it could not believe that this was possible. So if you want to make your dreams come true, the guys from Finstandart can definitely help you!

Vitaly. from. Proleski, Kyiv region

Thanks a lot to the guys, everything was done clearly, as agreed, unrealistically quickly. It is immediately obvious that they are masters of their craft. Recommended!

Vyacheslav. Bogdanovka, Kyiv region

What is a professional job? This is work done with the highest quality, in the shortest possible time, taking into account all the nuances of the object and the wishes of the customer. And, most importantly, at an affordable price. These are the impressions left by the manager and installers of Finnstandart. My object (a niche of 2 sq.m.) can hardly be called promising from a commercial point of view, and several companies have abandoned it. Great was the temptation to use the services of a craftsman - "do anything you wantit never happens". But God saved, I found Finnstandard. What we liked: a quick response to a request, a free site visit for measurements and a draft design, a detailed estimate for materials and services, and most importantly: the installation was done in 1 day! After all, all the main structures were made in the workshop and delivered in the form of ready-made modules, which were assembled on site, supplemented with shelves and accessories. And today, looking at my lovely cozy sauna, made carefully and with soul, I can recommend Finnstandard with full responsibility as professionals in their field who will not only meet your expectations, but also exceed them. Thanks again for your work!

Mariana. Boyarka, Kyiv region

Professionals!!!! Qualitatively and on time.

Vladimir, Kyiv

I chose Finnstandart to build the sauna because I liked their thorough and professional approach to solving my problem. Everything was done quickly and clearly. We have been actively using the sauna for several months now and are satisfied with everything. Thanks to Finnstandart for a job well done.

Natalia, Kyiv

I want to thank all the FINNSTANDART employees for the sauna you made for us. Thank you very much from our whole family, especially from my husband. This is the person who initially did not want a sauna the most.

Why I didn't want to, but because this:
1 ) Extra financial expenses. This is something that we can do without in our life (this is his lifelong motto)))
2) This is a new and only completed renovation of the apartment (I was very worried that there would be dust, shavings; what guys can hook a corner, a wall, etc. with wooden beams).
3) Dampness, blooming.
Thanks to the professionalism of your guys, everything was done quickly, without noise and dust. And to this day, the sauna works chic and wonderful; no dampness, no flowering either.

Given that we have plastic windows in the apartment and very dry air - now we don’t use air humidifiers, it’s enough to take a sauna 2-3 times a week and humidity in our apartment is normal.

Another big PLUS is our 6-year-old child, who practically didn’t go to kindergarten last winter due to frequent illnesses, this winter, thanks to the sauna, he practically didn’t get sick .
As soon as a child has a slight cough or a runny nose, we immediately take him to the sauna, 2-3 visits, so that the child sweats well and everything goes away.

PS Regarding the husband, who initially did not want a sauna the most - now it's the other way around, you can't kick him out of there!

< em>Natalia. Kyiv

I chose this company as soon as I saw their website. After a huge number of mediocre and stupid sites, these guys clearly stood out for their clarity and specificity: the information is exhaustive; all prices are open; there is technical information on electrical equipment; Lots of combinations of materials. Recommendations on the optimal selection of the sauna area, the type and power of the heater, the layout inside, etc. on the site. All payments (both advance and final settlement) were accompanied by the necessary documents. Communication with the guys showed that they are absolutely adequate people, so not only the money, but also the keys to the house (for installation work in our absence) were given calmly))
Special thanks for the clear, accurate and completed work within the stated time ! The whole family is satisfied with the sauna, I definitely recommend it!

Marguerite. from. Knyazhichi, Kyiv region

We found the guys on the Internet and after the first meeting we decided that we would work with them. For all the time of cooperation, they never regretted this decision: the work was done efficiently and on time. Thank you very much for your cooperation! The sauna already pleases the whole family.

Alexander. from. Pukhivka, Kyiv region

Found contacts of this company on the Internet. I wanted to buy an electric heater and a control panel for it. I called many companies but settled on this one. Made an order over the phone. All promotions listed on the site were valid. Prices are current. They brought the equipment and gave the opportunity to choose a remote control from several. Later they helped to replace the temperature sensor wire with a longer one. Special thanks to Artem for a pleasant communication with customers. I was very pleased with the deal. I recommend to everyone.

Igor. Kyiv

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