Public Sauna

Bath treatments have long been a traditional form of relaxation and healing. In addition, it is fashionable, prestigious, and in demand today. The bath attracts its visitors with a pleasant pastime, wellness treatments, the opportunity to relax with friends or spend time with the whole family.

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When deciding on a public steam room, it should be understood that the requirements for them (in terms of safety, hygiene and fire safety) are higher than for home (family) saunas.

What features of operation are implied:

  • a large number of visitors, the maximum load of the steam room
  • Intensive use of equipment with little interruption
  • increased load on structural and finishing elements

We, as contractors, recommend using: solid structural elements in this case; wear-resistant finishing materials; high-quality insulation and fastenings; and of course - specialized heating equipment. You should also pay special attention to ventilation and wiring. Compliance with these requirements will help: long and safely operate the steam room; reduce the intervals between equipment maintenance, restoration and reconstruction of the wooden part.

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Let's separately list the main fire safety requirements:

  • corresponding fire resistance class of draft partitions and ceilings
  • fire extinguishing system inside the steam room (perforated dry pipe)
  • safe distances, use of non-flammable and reflective materials near the heater